LSU: Separation of church and state benefits churches

“The mission of conversion should be kept separate from the mission of compassion.”

This is an excellent testimony to the efficacy if church state separation -From the LSU student newspaper – Drew Walker – comes this clear message:

“Conversion cannot be forced.  That is what conservative Christians seem to want to accomplish through political activism. They are motivated, not by compassion for those in need, but by a call to convert every unsaved sinner.
Instead of trying to reduce the number of situations where abortion is considered as an option, they spend millions of dollars to overturn Roe v. Wade.   Instead of offering condemnation-free marriage counseling to reduce the number of divorces, they fight against gay marriage. Political activism is commendable, but when coupled with a repressive, unalterable sense of moral superiority, it becomes dangerous.

Pastors are not politicians, nor should they be. Politics are a dirty business, and churches will only sully themselves by getting involved.

Preachers who advocate a political agenda that conforms to their peculiar religious beliefs don’t get anything done — except painting themselves and their congregations as uncompassionate.

Instead of ridiculing secular organizations whose focus overlaps with those of Christian charities, churches should band together with them and utilize the increased resources available to fight poverty, disease and injustice.

No amount of preaching or prayer will put bread in front of a starving child or keep teens from making poor decisions regarding their bodies. It takes people who offer love, not dogma.

The mission of conversion should be kept separate from the mission of compassion.”


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