Pat Robertson’s take on Gay Marriage

From Connie Talk (via HuffPost) : With the debate over same-sex marriage raging nationwide, Pat Robertson – founder of the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice), CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), and other organizations and corporations – is likening non-heterosexual unions to polygamy with regard to how they should be dealt with under the law.

“Mark my words,” Pat said, “This is just the beginning of a LONG, downward slide in relation to all the things that we consider to be abhorrent.”

It doesn’t make sense, he stated, to CRIMINALIZE  child molestation and pedophilia while creating Constitutional amendments allowing same-sex marriage among homosexuals…Homosexuality is viewed differently among religious standpoints, but it’s certainly not a punishable crime like bestiality, pedophilia, or molestation. These are offenses that consist of the INABILITY of the person or animal affected to consent. So regardless of whether Pat’s view of the illegality same-sex unions is religiously or politically justifiable or not, he’ll get a well-deserved verbal lashing on this one…consenting adults that want to be married are NOT AKIN to those who harm animals or children. Is he suggesting that homosexuality be criminalized as well? Could we all agree that would shame the history of a nation struggling for equality among diversity? You may or may not agree with gay marriage, but you can’t deny that there is love involved, and love in and of itself is not criminal.”


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