Anti-Sex, Not “Pro-Life”

In “1984” by Eric Blair (aka George Orwell), there was a Junior Anti-Sex League; in our recovering theocracy, there is “pro-life”.  They have the same message: human sexuality is fundamentally evil.  If the anti- choice advocates were truly “pro-life”, they would be concerned about:

o over population

o capital punishment

o pre and post natal care

 o homicides

and many other germain issues.

Perhaps no one is – in a sense – in favor of abortions: they should be rare, safe, and legal.  They best way to reduce abortions?  The availability of birth control, and  sound, scientific sex education for all.  Abortions are, unfortunately, a necessary method of birth control in countries – like the United States – in which knowledge of human sexuality and reproduction is low.  Who opposses the availability of birth control and sex education?  The same who oppose abortions.

The message we can send is: “Yes, we enjoy our sexual relationships, and no one can tell us otherwise”.

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