Jon Stewart and Actual Historian Refute David Barton, on Religion and Law

From Alternet:

(N.B.: this is why Separation is So important today!)

(N.B.: David Barton is neither an historian nor an attorney.)

“University of Pennsylvania historian Richard Beeman was yesterday’s guest onThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart following an appearance by pseudo-historian David Barton. Beeman, like other real historians, notes that Barton greatly embellishes the religious views of the Founding Fathers and misrepresented the Constitution.

“The Constitution is federally devoid of any mention of religion except for one provision which says there shall be no test for public office or any position of public trust, so the only mention of religion is keep religion out of our government,” Beeman says, and “the debate in the [constitutional] Convention is virtually devoid” of religious references. Barton, on the other hand, made this pathetic case that the Constitution incorporates the Bible.

Right Wing Watch looked into Barton’s many fabricationsfalsehoods,obfuscationsrevisionist history, as well as his total neglect of the Fourteenth Amendment’s incorporation of the First Amendment to the states and his warped view of constitutional jurisprudence while he was on The Daily Show.

During part II of the interview with Beeman, Stewart noted that while Barton told him that he was OK with Sharia law in the US, he would likely make the opposite case to his conservative supporters.

In fact, that is exactly what happened, as Barton dedicated an entire radio program to denying what he plainly told Stewart about Sharia.

Such dishonest actions reflect the fact that Barton is a political activist, not a historian — he even was paid by the Republican National Committee to mobilize church groups to support President Bush’s reelection and Republican candidates. As Kyle notes, even his documentary on African American history is brazenly partisan.

As Beeman and other credentialed historians make clear, Barton is simply distorting history for his own political purposes.”

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One thought on “Jon Stewart and Actual Historian Refute David Barton, on Religion and Law

  1. Gil says:

    None of this, of course, is at all surprising. The history of religion discloses a non-stop run of this kind of ignorance and dishonesty. The only worse practice has been murder and torture practiced in the name of religion, in the names of its good and powerful gods. The lies and subterfuges of the Catholic Church in the continuing “sins” and crimes of the last two popes and all the bishops in hiding the sexual abuse of its clergy is “sin” and crime added to the sex abuse. It is a perfect example of the deceitful dishonesty that has always been practiced in the name of religion. The purpose is the defense of the unnatural and impossible demand of celibacy/chastity for admission to their priesthood club. The demand of celibacy/chastity itself is inhumane and wrong . It brings about a natural attraction for confused perverts. The Catholic Church “reaps as it sows.” I think Catholic Church leaders throughout history have learned that lesson better than any other from their scriptures. The question remains, why do so many people fill the pews and support them with their hard-earned money? The innocent children who were sexually or otherwise abused belonged to the people in the pews, not to the priests in the pulpits who abused them!


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