Ms. Stewart comes to town…

Great anticipation of the big event Wednesday night: a presentation by Katherine Stewart to the local chapters of Americans United for Separation of Church and State; the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy; the Center for Inquiry; and the Cleveland Freethinkers.

As part of food planning, I called Kiedrowski’s World Famous Bakery in Amherst, and ordered a plate of Snoogles for the event in the evening.

I drove over, and picked it up.  Back home, I went over last minute details, and then we went over to Costco‘s, where we picked up the two party plates I had ordered:  sandwiches on one, and shrimp on another, as well as supplies.

Food for thinkers…

I went straight over to Independence – getting there early, and many began appearing to help with set up as well.  The event – a culmination of weeks of planning – exceeded  even my highest expectations!

Some of the crowd, 1 Feb 2012

Americans United, with help and co-operation from ACS, CFI, and CFT, packed the big meeting room to hear Katherine Stewart

(Ms. Stewart at the podium, 1 Feb 2012)

give an excellent, entertaining, and enlightening presentation on her new book:

“The Good News Club”.
which details the efforts of the Christian Evangelical Fellowship
 to surreptitiously slip into public schools and brainwash young, innocent children.  For the book:

She detailed how these fundamentalist Christians deceive young school children into believing that it is the school that is teaching  things like “only those who believe in Jesus will go to heaven.”
In the end, again, the event far exceeded my hopes and wishes, and many thanks to all who helped, although, I drove most of this one myself: planned the work; worked the plan; and enjoyed the result.
Now we must move forward on this momentum…
I made an effort to make this event as easy as possible for Katherine: she was very appreciative of my efforts, and I had no problem with that!  (The Host with the most?)
Afterwards, some of us went to the Winking Lizard for cocktails and conversation…
Celebrating a great event!

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