Christians claim persecution after Patriots cut Tim Tebow

Source: Examiner

Author: Michael Stone

“Christians are claiming persecution after Christian darling Tim Tebow was cut from the New England Patriots. The Patriots released Tebow on Saturday, a move that leaves the polarizing and proselytizing quarterback’s NFL future in doubt.

Many Christians are unhappy with the decision, claiming Tebow is the victim of persecution because of his outspoken and public profession of his Christian faith. Tebow, raised by controversial evangelical missionary parents, is famous for praying on the football field. His pretentious public displays of piety have thrilled his Christian fans, while making many others slightly ill.

The following is a sample of comments from Christians claiming Tebow’s release from the Patriots is a result of persecution because of Tebow’s Christian faith, taken from the conservative website The Blaze:

Shame on NFL Owners and Coach’s for caving under the pressure brought on by the Satanic liberals that have taken over ESPN and the other Sport Media outlets.

The problem here is: Tim Tebow is not a gangster, drug dealer or user, wife or girlfriend beater, or a murderer. No, he chose religion over these other labels and is paying the price for it.

Tim Tebow was meant to play football that’s the gift the “Good Lord” blessed Him with, and you know it was Christian phobic liberal’s who had something to do with this decision….

It is quite clear that Tim Tebow is not on a team because of his faith….

Tebow is no stranger to controversy. As a college football player he was notorious for wearing his Christian beliefs on his sleeve, and on his face. Tebow’s trademark game-day look was black under-eye make-up high-lighting various Bible verses. Wearing Bible verses under his eyes naturally endeared Tebow to some Christians, while many others found the behavior an obnoxious and gratuitous display.

In Dec. 2011, Christian extremists went on the warpath, launching a boycott of HBO, after comedian and atheist Bill Maher sent out a tweet making fun of Tebow’s performance on the field.

Last year, Tebow trademarked “Tebowing,” the ostentatious on field signature prayer that helped make the second rate NFL quarterback a darling of the Christian right.”

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How the Right-Wing War on Science Has Made Americans Dumber at Every Level

Source: Media Matters via Alternet

Author: John Whitehouse

“On the April 5th edition of Real Time with Bill Maher, science education activist  Zack Kopplin confronted The Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore over myths about science funding, pointing out that Moore, who questioned the need for funding research on “snail mating habits,” is “not a scientist”:

As it turns out, the reason actual scientists are conducting this type of research is because snails carry parasitic worms that kill children:

Watch where you jump in for a swim or where your bath water comes from, especially if you live in Africa, Asia or South America. Snails that live in tropical fresh water in these locations are intermediaries between disease-causing parasitic worms and humans.

People in developing countries who don’t have access to clean water and good sanitation facilities are often exposed to the infected snails. Then they’re left open to the parasitic worms.

The worms’ infectious larvae emerge from the snails, cruise in shallow water, easily penetrate human skin and mature in internal organs.

The result is schistosomiasis, the second most socioeconomically devastating disease after malaria. As of 2009, 74 developing nations had identified significant rates of schistosomiasis in human populations.

Moore is not some fringe right-winger. He is the senior economics writer and an editorial board member for The Wall Street Journal.  And, while on a nationally televised show, he called for killing a government-funded scientific study while bragging about not understanding the research behind it.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Rush Limbaugh said virtually the same thing on his radio show earlier that day, suggesting that science today is an extension of the Democratic Party:

For conservative media like Moore and Limbaugh, scientific ignorance is a feature, not a glitch. From  climate science and polar bears to economicsto condoms to social sciences to duck penises, conservative media peddle the same anti-science behavior over and over and over. The logic goes that scientists are inherently biased because they care about science. It’s third-rate sophism combined with fourth-rate Luddism.

This is not to say that all scientists are correct just by virtue of them being scientists. Rather, media should respect the scientific method, whereby scientists present arguments with data and rigourously test ideas until a consensus emerges. It’s essentially a free market for scientific ideas. Does that sound like something conservatives should be interested in?

For more on the scientific method and research projects, check out  Zack Kopplin’s petition.

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