Accepting Evolution Based On One’s Religion

When will the Enlightenment return?  According to a Pew Research Poll:, there is a correspondence between one’s religion in America, and whether one accepts Evolution.   Buddhists, Hindu, and Jewish at the top; and evangelical prots, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses at the bottom. No surprises there.

The article also contains some definitions and graphs.

On local boards of education setting science standards: would you choose treatment at a hospital where the staff, procedures, budget, and equipment were selected by a group of local non-medical people, who were elected by popular vote?

I wonder what acceptance vs education level would produce?  The Wiki article states that only about 48% of those polled could identify the correct definition of Evolution from a pick list.

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N.B.: the poll uses the word ‘believe’; I use ‘accept’.