Crisis Averted — U.S. Motto Still “In God We Trust”

From Care2, by Robin Marty

N.B.: why would anyone trust in something that Does Not Exist?

Everyone can now breathe a sigh of relief — the United States Congress has come to our rescue and solved the biggest issue facing our nation.

No, not unemployment.  Nope, not the housing market’s tumble.  And no, not income inequity, rising cost of living, climate change, depleting oil reserves, rampant speculation on commodities, the crumbling infrastructure, the cost of health care and unaffordable insurance, our declining schools, the growing problem of unintended pregnancy, the increasing spread of STIs, growing numbers of extinct species, deforestation, air pollution, carcinogens in our water, e coli and salmonella outbreaks, rising crime rates and the growing number of food insecure residents in the country.

Nope.  But “In God We Trust” has been reaffirmed as our national motto.

The House voted 396 to 9 to confirm that the phrase, which was first passed as the national motto in the 1950s, was still the motto.  According the bill sponsor, Republican Congressman Randy Forbes, the vote was necessary to “firmly declare our trust in God, believing that it will sustain us for generations to come.”

Politico adds, “Passing the resolution ‘provided clarity amidst a cloud of confusion about our nation’s spiritual heritage and offered inspiration to an American people that face challenges of historic proportion,’ said Forbes in a statement released after the vote.”

It also cost over $200,000 in floor costs and lawmaker salaries, according to Roll Call.”